Toto et l’auto

De George Toparceanu

– Au revoir ! dit Toto

Et partit en auto.

Il n’avait nul souci.

Au tournant dangereux

Il lui crêva un pneu…

Toto creva aussi.


Mourir c’est partir un peu…

(sursa Kamikaze)


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  1. There was a wee lad from a cold clime
    who said ‘No worries, mate, my driving’s sublime!’
    But a dent he did make
    when he failed to brake
    and now insists speaking in rhyme.

    There once was a man deemed a liar.
    The words from his mouth would draw fire.
    He’d tell you a story,
    Some outrageous, some gory,
    (All embellished with glory)
    But mostly of muck and of mire.